5 Reasons Why Relationships Should be Your Top Priority

作者:reso    时间:2014年02月26日

If you are like me, there may be many things you want to achieve in life. You may want to accomplish A and B, achieve C and D, and so on. Yet, you should never forget what your top priority is.

From what I learn, I realize that my top priority should be relationships. I believe they should also be your top priority. Nothing else matters more. Here are why:

Relationships fulfill your most important need of all

What is the most important thing people need? No, it’s not money. It’s not achievements nor recognition either. The most important thing people need is love. We all need to love and be loved. Unfortunately, sometimes we are so obsessed with other things that we forget how beautiful it is to love and be loved. Don’t let this happen to you. Love others and be loved. Feel how wonderful it is. Get a taste of love. And how do you do that? Through relationships. This is the only way. There is no other way you can love and be loved but through relationships.

Relationships are the place where your greatest joy comes from

One inseparable part of relationships is giving. In fact, I believe that there is no genuine relationship without giving. Whether it is giving your time, attention, money, or just a smile, genuine relationship is all about giving. And believe it or not, there is great joy in giving. We often think only about ourselves that we forget the joy of giving. Life is wonderful when we are thinking about others and not just ourselves.

Only through relationships can you give lasting impact to others

Which advice will you listen more, the one from someone you don’t really know, or the one from someone you love? Of course the latter. We appreciate the people we love more than anyone else. Their words sink deep into our heart, not just our mind. That’s why the most effective way to give lasting impact to others is by building relationships with them. Be their friend and care about them, and I’m sure they will listen to you and respect your opinions.

Through relationships you have the people to support you in times of trouble

When we face difficult times, we need other people to support us. No one can take care of everything by himself. When the world looks dark and the problem looks big, nothing is more valuable than the support of people we love. They encourage us to go through, they accompany us in the time of trouble, and they are willing to share the burden with us. The journey will become much easier.

Eventually, relationships are the only things that matter

When people are dying they do not think about their achievements and awards. They don’t care whether they are rich or famous. All those things become meaningless when people are face-to-face with death. All they want is having the people they love around them. They want the warm of love to be with them in their last moments. Nothing else matters. They realize that, eventually, relationships are the only things that matter. We should not wait until that moment come. We’d better realize it now.